Suzie Constantine

Suzie Constantine

Administrative Assistant

Office: 631-218-3174
Fax: 631-630-6930

Administrative Assistant, Suzie Constantine has been with Creative Retirement Planning, Inc., for 16+ years, mainly helping to ensure that clients have everything they need when they entrust their business to us.  Each day Suzie regularly brings a healthy dose of energy, professionalism and commitment to the Creative Retirement Planning, Inc., team, taking great pride in helping the office run smoothly.

Suzie works closely with each of our clients - a role she enjoys.  Among other things, Suzie regularly calculates notifies and processes Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for thoe aged 70 1/2.  She also spends much of her time arranging meetings, processing paperwork and serving as financial advisor-client liaison.

As part of her responsibilities, Suzie works closely with the executives and staff to provide clients the best possible service.  As we are fond of saying around the office, if you have questions, Suzie will get them answered.  If you need somthing, she'll help provide it.

Prior to joining Creative Retirement Planning, Inc., Suzie worked at Citicorp and Dreyfus and then became a full-time mom, raising two sons.  Suzie loves spending time with her family and friends as welll as traveling.

Suzie Contantine is not registered with Royal Alliance Associates, Inc.