Understanding Social Security and Medicare flipbook 2024

How Working Affects Benefits If you plan to continue working, it may be wise to delay claiming Social Security benefits until you reach full retirement age. If you claim benefits prior to full retirement age and continue to work, one dollar in benefits will be deducted for each two dollars earned above the annual limit ($22,320 in 2024). In the calendar year in which you reach full retirement age, one dollar in benefits will be deducted for each three dollars you earn above a higher annual limit ($59,520 in 2024) until your birthday month. Once you reach full retirement age (66 to 67, depending on birth year), any wages earned through employment will not affect your Social Security benefit. Of course, youmust pay Social Security andMedicare payroll taxes on any wages earned through employment. If your benefits are reduced because of these limitations, your benefit will be recalculated after you reach full retirement age, and you will receive credit for any benefits you did not receive because of your earnings.